“I know My thoughts toward you,” says she Lord.  “Good thoughts.   Thoughts about a bright future full of hope.  Never a dark thought, only thoughts full of light.”  


“And we know that everything that happens in life God will work out for my good. 
Every single situation, event, or crisis.   Every single day.  God is thinking good things for me and working out everything for my good and my purpose.”


These are my translation of Jer. 29:11 and Romans 8:28.   They speak of God’s intentional thoughts toward me.   They tell me that God is always, ALWAYS working for my good and for my success in life.  There is never a moment when He is not thinking about me with love, mercy, goodness, kindness, and purpose.  That is absolutely amazing to me. Don’t even try to figure it out – just believe it and receive it into your life. 


So tell me, is there anything special I need to do to get this kind of treatment from God?  I can think of only one thing;  say yes to the offer.  The more I know Him, the more I understand that He wants me to simply receive what He has to offer me.  He wants to do the rest – He wants to do it all in my life and through my life.  I’m learning to say yes, then step back and watch what He does.  The most exciting thing is that God allows me to participate in His miracles.  Just like the miracles of the loaves and fish in the gospels, Jesus blessed the little lunch, gave it to the disciples where it multiplied as they passed out the food to thousands of people.  He allows us to participate in His work.  Let me tell you, those moments are priceless.  They fill you with joy and fulfillment, knowing that you were just made a partner in something wonderful that helped another person.


As an illustration of God’s intentionality toward us allow me to share with you a true journey a friend is walking through.  This woman is precious.   Sweetness pours out of her heart to everyone she meets.  She is passionate about Israel.  She is learning about all their feasts and festivals, their language and prayers, their place in today’s world.  She is in love with Israel.   My friend was recently given a very serious report about her health that was life-threatening.  Of course she went directly to the Lord, who, or course, was way ahead of her.   He arranged specialists to treat her.  Not just any specialist, but specialists who just happen to be Jewish.   Now what are the odds that this lover of Israel would be assigned to Jewish doctors to treat her?  That fact would not mean much to most people, but to this woman it meant that God was watching and she was in His thoughts continually.   He selected the perfect doctors for her.  That gives her peace and even joy in the journey.  God is extremely intentional in His dealing with His Beloved.


He is extremely intentional in His thoughts and dealings toward you.  You are His Beloved. 


Be blessed today with the knowledge of God’s immense love for you.




Be Good morning!   Back in front of my computer again, and it feels good.  The project that occupied my time is almost finished, so I have decided to take the time to write a short message.


I was brought back years in my memory the other day when I heard someone mention their exceptional mode of “Spiritual warfare”.    I’m not sure, but I have a feeling it had a lot to do with swords, marching around, rebuking and spitting out directions to the enemy that you could not see, but was surely there. 


 If you have been in church long enough, you will remember the Sunday school song – “I’m in the Lord’s Army”.    There I stood, as tall as was possible, at complete attention, prepared for service in the Lord’s army.  Back then that included letting everyone know that you were a Christian, which was almost always followed by the question about where you go to church.  Being ready for that question, you handed the person a Christian pamphlet with a message about hell and the consequences of not enlisting in God’s army; complete with the address of which church to go to, to get right with God.   I’m not poking fun at this method, because I know the people were doing their best to share God’s love, but somehow it eluded me as to how that did anything close to showing love.  To me it was degrading and it always embarrassed me to see a believer belittle another person.  I saw that as gross arrogance and inconsideration for the other person’s feelings. 


I think it was about then that I decided to go underground with the whole thing.  Instead of wearing every Christian pin known to man, I decided to be ordinary in everyway except for one.    I would show them Jesus instead of talking about Him.  I decided to sneak up on them with kind words and actions that showed them their worth and value.  I would ask the Holy Spirit to show me what people needed, and then do that.  It may be a simple hug or a genuine compliment about them.  Maybe it was inviting a mother with a fussy baby to take my place in the grocery line, or helping someone in a wheelchair reach an item.  (Come to think of it, that is really funny, for those who know me.)  I would engage in guerrilla warfare and disarm the enemy before he got a hook in the situation. 

What does that look like?   The dictionary describes guerrilla warfare as: ‘ a form or irregular warfare in which a small group of combatants such as armed civilians or irregulars use military tactics including ambushes, sabotage, raids, petty warfare, hit and run tactics, and extraordinary mobility to fight a larger and less mobile traditional army.’

Well now, I can sneak in and disarm the enemy with heavy ammo like kindness, goodness, joy, love, peace, longsuffering, self –control, and with the help of the Holy Spirit (the biggest of all Big Guns), actually show by living and exhibiting God’s heart for them.  


Beating people over the head with Bible verses in order to prove their lost condition only works in foxholes and crisis.   I want to show them God’s nature by living it out in front of them.  The world doesn’t read the Bible, but they sure read their Christians.  I want my book to tell them all about grace, mercy, and love without condition.   


King David wrote a song that is familiar to so many.  It is Psalm 23.  The last words in that psalm are:  ‘surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.’   I wonder…..what follows me?  What do people think as I walk away?   Do I leave goodness and mercy in my wake?   Do I represent Jesus to them?  Do they feel loved and valued? 


Yes, I am going underground, in plain sight.  I’m sneaking right in there, armed with grace!  


….your assignment, should you choose to accept it………….


Blessings,   Judy