Oh happy day!   Technology has enables us to see what we have only wondered about.  From our comfortable place in front of the screen we can “go where no man has gone before”, encountering unimaginable things on our journey.   We have gone from wondering to understanding worlds outside of ours. 


 Today we can go from spectator to participant with 3-D technology.   No longer satisfied with pictures of images on a screen, we now are able to bring those images into our personal space.  They fly off the screen right into our room, surrounding us with the experience intended.  We become aware of things which we were oblivious of only moments before.   They envelop us with their presence and bring us right into their reality.   We enter into their world, see what they see, and feel what they are feeling.   There is a realm of life that had been hidden from us until now.  Our eyes have been opened to new and exciting adventures.  We have crossed the threshold into a new reality.  It is called Virtual Reality.  



I can very easily relate that experience to our relationship with God.  There are days and seasons of our life when we go from spectator to participant.   We begin to see what surrounds us.  We are awakening to another reality that we have not yet experienced. We begin to see through the lens of God’s perspective. The circumstances of our lives take on new meaning when we bring God into the picture.  His Kingdom invades our world with wonder and awe.   We begin to really see what was there all along.   He opens our eyes to Heaven’s reality.  We begin to see who God really is.   He is good, oh so good.   So good, in fact, that He protected Moses by shielding him from looking directly upon His goodness.   His kindness is overwhelming, His gentleness as a mother with her newborn.  He has patience beyond our comprehension, and His love for you is unfathomable.  Our human brain cannot even begin to figure Him out.  So what do we do with this information?   Most often we are taught to try our best to please God by behavior modification.   Want some great news?   We don’t need to take that route any more.  Jesus did it all for us.  He has redeemed us from the curse of “the law”, taking that all upon Himself on our behalf.   The only thing we can do is to say yes.  Simple?  Absolutely.  Profound?  I would say so.  Amazing?   That’s why they call it amazing grace.


Our world is filled with people who have invented things that fill me with wonder, and it seems like every day something new and wonderful is available to us. We have come such a long way from those first amazing images on a small screen.   We have come from limited dimension to 3 dimension, plus sounds that seem to not only surround us, but go right though us, awakening us to another whole dimension to our senses.   As wonderful as that is, God’s heart for me, His purposes and plans open up to me as I walk with Him, talk together, and see life from His perspective.  It leaves me in awe.   My view of life is changing from what I see, to what God sees.  I walk this soil with joy because there is another dimension that I am acutely aware of.    It is called the realm of the Spirit; to avoid any misunderstandings, let me make it clear that this is the Holy Spirit, who has moved into my life, and is taking me on an adventure prepared by the One that calls me His Beloved.


So, my friends, are you belted in securely?  Are you ready?  God is opening up His Kingdom.     As Buzz Lightyear so aptly put it….”to infinity and beyond!”


Many blessings,   Judy



High Definition 2


Yesterday was fun.   Bringing back those first days of television; the wonder of this amazing invention and of the whole world of entertainment coming directly into your home.   We could go from “to the moon, Alice” from “The Honeymooners, to the thrilling, often scary but always a bit twisted life in “The Twilight Zone”, which was watched only by the brave of heart and usually with hands over their eyes.   Frightening, but unable to resist.


I remember tearing through the door after school and going directly to “the tube”.   (Which is a whole other subject – how many of you remember tubes connected with your TV.?)   Anyway, placing myself about 12 inches from the picture, waiting with bated breath for those immortal words…..”welcome to the Mickey Mouse Club!”    Who can forget those adorable children, Karen and Cubby,  the lovely Annette (whom you desperately  wished you looked like), and the young man with a smile so big you had to wonder if he had more teeth than the rest of the world.   He would always end the show with the marvelous benediction we all sang ….. M…I…C…..see ya real soon!….K….E….Y…..why?  Because we LIKE you!    Then with all the reverence our  little hearts could muster….M….O…U…S…..E.    You could almost hear a faint “amen” in the background.  


Okay, let’s get down to business here.   Do you remember the name of the jeep in the Roy Roger show?    Or the name of the Lone Ranger’s horse?    How about the weapon of choice of his native friend, Tonto?   “Out of the western sky flew”…..who was that again?    Superman came on scene exactly when and where he was needed, using the closest phone booth available to change into his flying ensemble.   Zorro always outsmarting the evil dictator.   The list of heroes goes on and on, giving us glimpses of hope that everything would turn out okay.


And we did need that reassurance, because along with all the entertainment came the reality of local and national news, often complete with live coverage of an event.  I was a junior in high school when my U.S. history class was interrupted with news of the assignation of a President.   The images were burned in our brains forever.   News.   Wonderful.   Terrible.   Thrilling, chilling and exciting.   And always, always true.

We have since learned, however, that it is rarely pure truth.   Tainted by bias, money and power, we have lost our innocence when it comes to news media.   I feel the same about religion.   As much good as religion has been, it has caused harm.   I believe mostly because of men and women of leadership, with honest and good intent, who feel the need to manage those who choose to listen to them and follow their advice.   It is called control.  An ugly word in this context, but one that needs addressing.  


There is only One who has that right.   You will recognize Him buy the scars that nails have left in His hands.  Jesus does not offer religion.   He offers relationship based on a love that cannot be measured.   Religion has painted a faulty picture of God.   Contrary to popular belief, God is not angry.   Nor is He judging you, condemning you or planning anything bad for your life.   As a matter of fact, He is doing the exact opposite.  He is defined as pure love,  uncontrollable joy, peace beyond description, gentleness of a mother with her newborn, goodness beyond our understanding, kind; always kind,  utterly and totally faithful to watch over your well being with patience that gives amazing grace all the time.    Now, that is Someone I want to know well.   I want to understand what all those characteristics mean personally.   I want to know Him, experience Him.


Maybe we can compare religion vs. relationship to black and white vs. color.   The same picture without the shadows.   Color brings out the truth of the picture.   Who knew Roy Roger’s kerchief was red?   Or that Tinker Bell could, with a touch of her wand, turn your TV. screen into all the colors of the rainbow?  A new dimension was added to our lives.  We were able to see the same things we had always seen, WITH DEEPER UNDERSTANDING and knowledge of what was truth and what was hidden from us for so long.


Technology was growing, as was our dimension of knowledge about life.   We were seeing more clearly, which was accompanied by changes in our lives.  Again, comparing this to our spiritual walk, our lives are changing as we see clearly who God is and who He says we are in Christ. 


But wait!    There is more….so much more!

Tune in next time!

Blessings,    Judy



High Definition.   Crystal clear clarity.  Virtual reality.    These are words we hear and understand on a daily basis.  (To be honest, I had to ask my granddaughter what some of them mean.)     These words define today’s entertainment world that comes into your living room on a daily basis.  It is called technology, which outdates itself on a constant basis.


I wonder how many of us remember the first television set.   A lovely, polished wood cabinet that held a screen of about 12-13 inches.  If you waited for it and found the correct place on the knob, you would have the thrill of a lifetime.   A picture that travelled through space and came directly into your home.   Amazing!  There were 6 different points on the knob that represented 3 different channels.   They thought of everything – variety and choices that vied for your attention. 


There was an occasional glitz, however, called “snow”.   Very aptly named, the screen actually resembled a blizzard.   Thus the introduction of another valuable piece of electronic genius called the “antenna”.    This strange looking device was placed on top of the television, wired to it in the back, and helped any interference the pictures may be having.   It did have to be adjusted occasionally, however, which meant you had to get up and turn it, move it, adjust it until the picture decided to land in your television set once again.   On a difficult day you may find yourself holding onto the antenna in one hand, standing on one foot, and holding a fork in the other hand which was raised in the air.    “There!   Stop….don’t move.   A perfect picture.”


Television.   A means of entertainment and information about the world around you.  It soon became a necessary piece of furniture in every home.  Not only did it give you much enjoyment, it also connected you to the world.   You were able to see what was happening in other places.   It was a source of seeing what you could not see before.  It kept you informed about the world events as well as local events. 


If you were going to be an informed citizen it was important to see and understand current conditions in your community and beyond.  It was the tool that gave you key information to make well informed decisions in your life.


It was many years before words like high definition came into the mix, but it was the beginning of a whole new way of life.   A new way of seeing.   A new way of understanding.


Those of you who are tracking with me understand this is a metaphor about life in the Spirit.   The One who knows all is able to give us clear vision and understanding when we ask Him.   When our picture looks like a blizzard, He lifts up above the confusion and gives us high definition.   He shows us much more than “virtual reality”;   He brings His reality into your picture.   And that’s an entirely new and wonderful way of living.


Since this subject is so much fun, let’s continue tomorrow.

Happy trails!    Judy


I have discovered that sometimes my forgetter works better than my rememberer.  Especially when my mind is filled with concern or worry (which, or course is foreign to the mind of Christ).    


I don’t know anyone on this planet who at one time or another have concerns about those they love.    To some it is a constant, nagging force in the back of their mind.   There is always something to worry about, stew about, be afraid for, and of course, pray about.

It is usually a few moments into the fear that the Holy Spirit can get through to my brain…remember Me?    I’m the one who has your loved ones in the palm of My hand.  I see where they are every moment.   I know their mind, feel their feelings, and am intimately involved in their lives.   I have everything under control.   Fear not, but keep up the prayer.


Oh yea, I forgot just now.   So I give it all back to Him where everything and everyone belongs….again.   Peace.   Rest.   Joy.    That’s better.   


Recently I found myself in turmoil concerning some people I care deeply about – concerned enough to lying in bed weeping over them for a long time.  This time I couldn’t figure out why I was so emotional about this.  Everything seemed to be fine.  No crisis had invaded our lives.   But still I wept and prayed.


Between sobs I asked the Holy Spirit what this was all about.   Ever faithful and ever close, He told me not to fear.    Those I love are safe in His care.   As a matter of fact, He said He was pursuing them, chasing after them and overcoming them with His goodness, His kindness, His peace and love and joy.


How wonderful our God is.   We wonder if He is watching, and all the while he is chasing us down with His kindness.   He gave me a mental image that settled the issue for me.   I live about a mile from the Pacific Ocean, and we walk the beach and let the little waves chase us onto the shore.   This time He showed me running from a huge wave – as tall as a building.   I was running as hard as I could, but knew I could not outrun this wave.   I knew that when it caught me it would bury me.   Well, it caught me all right, but instead of burying me it picked me up and carried me on its crest for quite some time until it gently landed me on warm, soft sand in a beautiful setting.


What a beautiful picture of how God deals with us.  Never with shame, guilt or condemnation, but He chases us down with His kindness.   He pursues us with His love.  He places us in a good, safe place; free from fear.  I need to remember that about Him.

When tempted to fear, change the channel.   When things are dark, don’t curse the darkness.   Turn on the light.   How do we fight negatives?   With God’s goodness, kindness, gentleness.   It simply defuses what our enemy would like to bomb us with.


I told the Holy Spirit that He could chase me down, tackle me, and overtake my life any time He chooses.  It is His goodness that I want for my environment.  


May His goodness overcome you.       Blessings,     Judy